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;o; *confuseed* [17 Jul 2006|07:05pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

kind of bored, so i decided to update for once ._." <3

rawr, i wish i didn't have to do violin anymore ;o; i dont even like it that muchh~ i wanna do other things instead >.<; but im afraid my mom will yell at me for some reason~? >.>

haha, and im in love with SE7EN again >.< i stopped liking him because i couldn't find any songs i liked but now..
i think he's hot. once again XD;

only one more month left till school T_T how depressing..
gahh~ <3 i complain too much.

i dont have anything else to say x_x;

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<3 rawr~ [21 Jun 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

summer is so boring ;-;

sometimes i really feel like going back to school o.o; *stab*
soo~ yesterday i went to buy uniforms n_n;
and they remind me of the kinds that you wear in korea >.>; blazer and everything...<33 just lacking a ribbon :< oh well <3 still kinda cute xD;

andd i watched this joint korean and japanese movie called "friends". its so sweet <3 and sad. X3; fukada kyoko and wun bin should be rl couples o.o; <3 they're so cute. x]
ohh and the king's man (clown?) is an awesome movie. i've wanted to see that movie for the longest time and it was so worth it >.<; <3! lee jun ki is hot..but he's prettier then a girl in that movie ;-;!
and that king is going to haunt me forever XD he's like the psycho prince from hell who became king of korea. omg. scary.

SO KOREAN STUFF. *w*; <3 haven't done this in awhile. sorryyy <33
basic verbs:
yummy - maj ii ii suh (said as mashisuh/mashi >.>; spelled kinda funny..)
yucky - maj ii ub suh
bland - shin guh wuh
salty - jjah
sweet - dar uh (said as dal uh)
sour - shyuh
spicy - meh wuh
dry - bbak bbak
soft - mur ong mur ong (mulong mulong)
hard - mur kong mur kong (mulkong mulkong)
please give me water - mul jom joo se yoh
-when your ordering something at a resturaunt, you say it as (what you want to order) (how many you want of it)..and so on..
so for example, kimchi goog (said as gook) hanah, bur go gi sam in bun (sam in bun means for three people)..
bbali man dur uh seh yoh - please make it fast
jjoh gum man ju seh yoh - please give me (only) a little
galbi muh guh shib uh - i want to eat galbi ;-; (galbi is short ribs) (shib uh is said as shippuh)
mehb ji anh geh heh joo seh yoh - please dont make it spicy (geh is said as keh sometimes)
no moo jja~! - (its) too salty (sometimes you just say..JJA!! XDD; but thats kind of rare)
joh goom man - a little bit (of)
joo seh yoh - please give me
duu seh yoh - please eat it (literally, please take it in >.>;)
beh goh pah/beh gah goh pu dah - im hungry
shigyuk ii dduhr uh juh suh - i lost my appetite (this is really hard..)
mass up dah - another way to say its yucky/doesnt taste good

and..i cant think of anymore.. xDD; enjoy <3

so close to finishing KH2 >.<;! <3
and riku is so hot >.>; i like him so much better in KH2
i realy want the fenrir keyblade:< *stabs sephiroth*
i love KH even more now because of this game.
what if they made a KH100...>.>;

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sugar!candy? ohno D: [04 Jun 2006|03:28pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

:3 i am back!~ ^-^ *sigh* sorry~ for this long long break. but finals ends this wednesday! so after that i'll be posting a little bit more. hopefully.


she wants me to study japanese and for SAT. WHAT THE HECK SAT IS IN LIKE 1000 YEARS WHY DO I STUDY FOR IT NOW!? (excuse the caps XD)

and~ i was wondering something :O is ariri slang for thank you in japanese? o.o *random*

ee~ and the uniform for my new school doesn't look too bad :D it's a polo (boring..but whatever) and a blue plaid skirt~ XD the only thing is i have to wear that every. day.
oh well. no more staring at the closet for 8 hours :D; ha?

and wow<3 i was listening to janne de arc the other day and it's not bad~ i kind of like it. :D

i think i might change my layout soon... :3 <3
soo~ i guess. i'm gonna go eat some cake now. XD
yum :O

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haha..*explode* [01 May 2006|08:13pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

wow..i'm really out of it today or something XDD; i've been acting pretty stupid. i mean, when my mom was putting ice cream in the cone, i just unconciously grabbed it and started to eat it >.>; and then i guess i woke up from day dreaming, and i was like o.o what the heck am i doing?? and my mom was laughing her head off XD
and i keep on like wobbling around. i hit one wall, and then i hit another wall >.>; and i'm like gah i must be tired or something.
but i guess anyone would be tired after reading the stupid SCIENCE BOOK for a couple hours late last night because i didn't get it and i had a test today >.>
good thing it was easy<3 at least it wasn't in vain XD; science just isn't my thing.

yesterday me and my dad's friends and my mom went to a sushi resturaunt called I love Sushi and it was so yummy<3 there was a sushi chef person there that looked like Bi (rain) which is this really awesome korean dancer/singer... :O
and their ginger ice cream tasted good<3 except for the giant chunks of ginger stuck in it XDDD; which is kind of pointless eating it..but oh well. ice cream is so yummy <3

eww testing this week. oh well, at least no science, english, religion or geography :D!!
and time to go to bed already u_u; before i die. sorry ruka~ no korean lesson ;-; i'm afraid i might teach you the wrong stuff XDD judging from how stupid i've been today XDD i'll promise i make the next one pretty long~ :3

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yay<3 [25 Apr 2006|09:26pm]
[ mood | restless ]

yay<3 so i got accepted to this really really cool school (like thats possible, but anyways...) :D! <3 that made me happy~ i guess if you live long enough good things happen ^-^?
i found out when i was taking off my contacts because DARN it hurts when something gets in it..and my mom was like
mom: MIRAAAA!!!!!!!!!~~~~ OMGOMGOMGOMOMGOJHSLKFJhlauhlskdjfhasdjkfsalfh.
mira: O___O!? *holding one of the contacts* omg is there like a thief in the house or something??? *panic*
mom: MIRAAA~~~!!!!!!!
so this happens for like 5 more minutes until mymom finally runs upstairs e_e; and she's like OMG YOU GOT ACCEPTED.
and i was like. yay<3 :3

haha~ and today was a minimum day so me and my mom went around looking for FFVII: Advent Children XD and it took us like 5 hours just to find a store that actually had it. so i guess it's a good thing that I found it<3 :O *happy*
chuu~n n_n korean lessons<3 still. no. korean. font T_T; *pokes computer* sorry rukas.

let's learn about some adjective rules today :3 and sounds!
Okay, so first let's look at the adjective "cute" which is gui-yuh-wuh (gui is almost said like gi, and remember that it's not jee but gee..? XD)
GENERAL: Three simple rules for adjectives
1.When you just randomly shout out.."cute!" which is done sometimes, you just say gui-yuh-wuh!
2.When cute is put before the rest of the sentance, you add a -n to the word. so if you say "the cute ring...." you would say "gui-yuh-wuhn bahnji..." not that the phrase does not include -is the..:O i don't think there really is an equivalent.
3.When you generalize a phrase, and just say "it's cute" you take of the -wuh and add a -p to the end of yuh, and add dah. So cute becomes "Gui-yuhp-da." A little confusing, huh? So let's do another example, with some different adjectives :P

Bad: "nah-ppuh"
1. "Nah-ppuh"
2. "Nah-ppun"
3. "Nah-ppu-da" (Note: It would be ackward to say Nah-ppup-da so they take off the extra p at the end.)
Long: Gui-ruh
1. "Gui-ruh"
2. "Gui-ruhn"
3. "Gui-ruhp-da"
etc. etc. etc. :D if you ever need help with some strange adjective tell me. because to tell you the truth, i really don't know if there are any irregular adjectives or not -_-; probably is...knowing these complicated languages :<

ANYWAYS. Sounds<3 my knowledge on this is sort of limited, so i'll try my best.
Sparkly - (similar to kira-kira in japanese) "Bban-jjak Bban-jjak" XD;
Soft - "mah-rang mah-rang" (In this case, rang is like lang.)
Sounds of yumminess (as in food..yummy XD) - "Yam yam jjap jjap"
Sounds of movement, like heavy footsteps..and pretty much anything with that kind of rythym thats heavy - "goong-chak goong-chak"
Really really heavy sound like thunder or something falling down - "KOONG!!" XDD
Looseness - "Huu-rung huu-rung" (rung is said as lung) XD;
Tightness - "ggwaak"
tired/aggravated/the feeling of being drunk...XD or looking like that - "bi-shir bi-shir" (shir is like shil)
hot/warm - "dduu-gun dduu-gun"
light sound, like the sound of the hands of a clock moving or similar to that - "tok"
slowly/smoothly - "sar sar" (sal sal)
And that's all for right now ^-^<3 I can't think of anymore...XD either that, or they're impossible to explain D: sorry~<3

good things can happen, but i can't help but think when the bad things will start rolling into my life again.
it's sad, so really life for these kinds of moments, before they become forgotten memories..
or you'll have none left.

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fuu.. [20 Apr 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

<3 don't you hate it when one big problem just comes right after the other?
time to do some more ranting and complaining..because that's my job. D:

so i got a B on a test and she takes everything away. she grounds me. I STILL HAVE AN A IN MATH CLASS. CHILL OUT.
she's so childish sometimes...and i guess i am too for complaining like this. but i've almost had it with her!
i swear, i thought i was going to drown myself in the shower. jkn. :P but i still am pretty pissed at her.
and that's the only thing i really am mad about right now. XD good thing..<3
today was such a nice day<3 i just wanted to lay in tall grass and stare at the sky all day~ it was that pretty<3
but these days the sunsets aren't the same anymore D: they look really dull..couple years ago the sunsets were so colorful. i mean. like painting colorful. oh well~ i guess you want things more when you can't have them? it's sad ;-;

anyways<3 san francisco was amazing. except for the fact that it was raining the whole time, but i still love that place<3
and omg neiman marcus has the prettiest building in union square<3 the chandelier and the windows and just everything is so pretty~
*sigh* but they're getting rid of a lot of japantown D: poo~ i really liked kinokuniya too. that's like. the best kinokuniya in america. XD says me.
the first time we had sushi it was those one boat sushi resturants..it tasted all the same. o_o;...*shiver* the only thing that really tasted good were the ice cream strawberries? they were like frozen strawberries with vanilla ice cream inside of it<3 yum.
but the next time we ate sushi there it tasted really good<3 (yes we eat sushi that much XD my whole family craves it a lot.)
haha..but the thing is our tire got slashed? i guess, not even halfway through to las vegas and when i saw it looked..really like it got slashed XD everywhere! like a rubber flower. so we left at like 12..got home back at 12..X_x; oh well. it was fun<3
sorry ruka no korean lesson today...my mom is. kicking me off.
and it's really scary ; ; <3 i promise i will make a huge lesson sometime soon XD;

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ohh..my. [12 Apr 2006|07:58pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

D: uu...i feel like a jerk.
>_<; when your good friend thats a girl...asks you to start a relationship...
what am i supposed to do!? o.o i tried to make her feel better but nothing works. or maybe im just bad at this~
;-; i miss talking to her.. *sigh* it hurts a lot. u.u;

and KH2 is addictingly fun<3 but it seems a lot easier then KH..just more complicated X_x; the bosses are easier, but there's more stuff you have to do to beat them..
but i love valor form<3 so cute ;-; and powerful too<3
haha...its kind of sad...donald and goofy are leveling up faster then sora is ._." oh wells.
and i miss roxas! ;o; and sea salt ice cream. yum :O <3

nn~ ; ; my grandpa is "sick" (or is it loneliness..) so he makes my dad who lives 100billion miles away from him go over there and take care of him! >.< he KNOWS its spring break and he probably knows we're going to san francisco this weekend...
so why of all times does he have to choose now to be selfish ;-; i know i'm being selfish saying this, but what about his two other sons? they can take care of grandpa just fine! X_x;

kay. done complaining.
KOREAN LESSONS. sorry..this computer im using doesn't have that language thingey so i guess i'll have to type it out in english XDD
today i will teach you about politeness levels. the korean stuff is in ' ' and english is in " "
let's look at the word "no." in korean, it's 'ani' speaking generally.. to make it extremely polite, you would put '-yo' at the end of it. just 'ani' is casual, and adding '-ya' is kind of disrespectful, so you would either use it to your friends or people you just dont feel like being nice to :P.
it's like this for most..words like no, that's right, etc. except yes! no one says 'neyo..' o.o
for the most part, i think sentances also can end with '-yo' to make it polite. For example, 'nega ahn hehsuhyo' which means "I didn't do it," '-yo' is added to show respect to the person the speaker is speaking to.
Another way to show politeness, or just for general speaking, is the 'ib ni da.' which is like -desu in japanese. Sentances that have 'ib ni da' can be taken out and you can add 'eh yoh' instead. So for example, 'ii gun goyangi ibnida' which means "this is a cat" can be changed to 'ii gun goyangi eh yoh'.
That's it for today's lesson<3 ill translate the korean stuff once i get that language thingey to start working again..^_^; its kinda vague..so if you want me to explain a little more i can XD;

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omg<3 [09 Apr 2006|07:47pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

omg <3 i think i am falling in love with kingdom hearts again.
so my mom went with me to go buy it<3 XD and im only on the 5th day with rox..something. XDD
i keep on wanting to call him roxanne -_-
and when i saw seifer i was laughing for some reason. i guess it's kind of weird to see seifer all of a sudden XD i used to hate that guy so badly....u.u;
AND THERE WAS AXEL!!! i love that music that goes with him..and that organization thingey. i think :x
but anyways~ its really fun so far ^_^ the fighting is still the same~ which makes me happy.
unlike *cough*chainofmemoriestupidcards*cough* >.>;

AND SORA IS ONE HOTTIE. XDD *pokeshiscuteface* when i saw him on the back of the game box thingey i was like o.o<3
and my mom was like o.o hes cute. <3 XDDD

fufhasduh sorry i mustchange my icon again<3 :3 sora is better then shin.
i have decided.

hmm..and someone told me today that coca-cola has cocaine in it?? that's why its COCA(ine)-cola?

haha..those winterfresh commercials are weird o_o.

edit: FOR RUKA!!<3 ^_^
Let's learn some numbers. XD
하나 둘 셋 넷 다섯 여섯 일곱 여덜 아홒 열
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
these are the basic, most common way to say numbers. however, if it stopped there i would have mastered numbers a long time ago XD there's another way to say numbers as well...
일 이 삼 사 오 육 칠 팔 구 십
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
the top row of numbers is used for..just counting and ages. these aren't used too often XD
the bottom row of numbers is used for...almost everything. o.o

it's confusing at first, but i guess you get used to it XD; numbers are used quite often by koreans, so I reccomend mastering these completely. we'll get into the harder numbers later on...:P
okay, i have a little dialogue thingey here. XD this is like a little introductory dialogue thingey..i'll post these because language teachers and books use them a lot, and they help :3!<3 (for me at least..)
ruka: 안녕하세요. 네이름은르카입니다.
random person: 아, 안녕하세요.
ruka: 이름은뭐에요?
random person: 난미라에요.
ruka: 안영이개새요!
mira: 내, 잘가새요!
(phew, that was hard. XD)

definition stuffies.
안녕하세요 - general hello. you can also shorten it to 안영 for your friends or people your close to - just not elderly people, adults, or strangers. XD or people you haven't met for the first time.
네이름은 - my name is....
입니다 - this is an equivelent to "desu" in japanese....XDD that's the closest translation..
이름은뭐에요 - what is your name?
뭐 - what
난 - i am..(in this situation)
에요 - this is another way to say 입니다, except its less formal.
안영이개새요 - this is said ONLY to people that you are visiting, not the people that are being visited...so if you go to someone's house, you would say this to the person's house you went to, but the person would not say this :D
내 - yes
잘가새요 - unlike 안영이개새요, this is for the person that you visited, saying goodbye to the person that came over.
if you have questions on anything, just tell me XDD; i know it's kind of confusing...

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kira*kira*hikaru*** [08 Apr 2006|10:58am]
[ mood | sad ]

SPRINGBREAKfinallyomgyes<3 i hope it lasts forever<3
but lately i've been kind of sad u.u; so hopefully this will be a happy spring break~

and i'm going to wait on pchat for megs..if my computer doesn't die on me XD
oi my tablet has gotten so dusty..>.> i dont even know if it works anymore! i miss drawing so much ;o; but i have no time. and my parents get mad at me whenever i draw >:| is it so wrong?


ときどきに私はちょっとうれしいくない。> w< *キラキラ* 
   。 w 。 うれしいのfeelingはほしいです。

Image hosting by Photobucket

what a hottie<3 X3

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beautiful oblivion. no.<3 [03 Apr 2006|09:53pm]
[ mood | moody ]

yay<3 spring break is in one week :3 and my parents are taking me to san francisco o.o; for something they gotta do.
but san francisco is pretty<3 well, some of it is. i heard it was a lot prettier a long time ago. but that's for a lot of big cities XD;

omg what the heck. and the t.v. is showing a lady that got 30 plastic surgeries and guy who got plastic surgery and came out with boobs. O_____o; wow.


AND KH2 IS OUT!! *happyhappy* sorraaa...<3
and am i stupid or what. all this time i thought you did para para paradise with your feet (i never actually tried to do it before) but i realized you do it with your arms??
that must be some hard arm exercise o.o

eww and i spent a whole day and a half just reading angels and demons. that is the lamest book ever. never read it.
i hated THE ENDING.

"how my heart aches for you"<3
let's read some more merupuri now. ^-^V

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hola.. [22 Mar 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

new avvie again XDD; its SHIN!!! from nana<3 he's the most adorablest thing ever ; ;..... *love*
and his extreme piercings sort of remind me of miyavi. but thats just. even more cute<3 on him XD;

for some reason, i like drawing shoes all of a sudden o.o; <3 i used to hate it..
and i crave cake T_T; *sob* all of a sudden

GAH. and i finally read the end of hanazakari no kimitachie<3 it's so pretty and sad ;;! the ending was good though XD;
but i want moree..and i'll miss reading this >_<; time to go look for some more good manga~

i will post more rambling stuff later.
right now, my mom is about to kill me for using the computer x.x;

don't you just hate it when everyone seems to be depraving you of everything<3

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IM BACKKKK<33! [10 Mar 2006|07:02pm]
hello<3 DA MIRA IS BACK. ^_^!
after a 1394823472983457239857 century hiatus.
and i missed everyone<3 ; ;....a lot has happened since..what? november? o_x; sorry for not posting or adding any comments u__u; i will be posting some comments soon..and i should update this retarded layout i have o.o;
anywayss<3 i did some screencaps :3 if anyone wants closeups i have them too >.>;
its of varuna from nightmare<3 i love that song ; ;...
and i almost died when my computer froze as i just finished doing the screencaps >:| luckily it unfroze.
sorry for all the yomi-ness<3 XD; he looked so cute ; ;...

Image hosting by Photobucket

gomen nasai<3 ;3 *winku* *hugs everyone* u__u; don't hate me for this.

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happy thanksgiving<3 [24 Nov 2005|09:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

happy thanksgiving<3 or turkey day. whatever you call it :]

soooi'm feeling a little better now >.>;

and ahahah i think i'm not gonna be able to go to geo. next year for math >.>; or take adv. eng because the TEACHER IS SO DANG HARD.
:<; and rawr everyone must have had their pms last week because seriously. that was the most lamest french class i've ever had . _ .
<3 hee hee but i made strawberry aprons<3 for this cafe project we're doing :D fraise francaisssss....

lalala~ and like. wth~ why in the world are mall's opening at 6 am tomorrow .___. i know there;s a ginormous sale but still. i dont think i can wake up that early D:

rawrrr~ 3 major projects to do >.> i'm such aslacker. heeheeeheei'dprobablyfinishitonthedaybeforeits due :d procrastinating is fun. sometimes.

and pumpkin cheesecake is the best thing ever :D<3 you should try it sometime :3

=( hmm<3 school has been really hard latelyy...*-; i hope high school isn't like this. u__u
OH YEAH. and ahdfaslhfsalkjfh ki think i might have to move or change schools or something because there was a guy with a RIFLE at our school :d and he stole someone's car. and he's after the executive director at our school. not cool. AHAH but that's an excuse not to go to string class ever morning :*D but still, i'm kinda scared.
what if he shoots me ; ;~ or one of my friends!!!! >_______<;...

hehehe...my one week posting turned into one month posting :DD; hopefully i'll have more time ; ;....

baibai<3 ENJOY TURKEY AND SLEEPING!! and harry potter. <3

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yess<3 [07 Nov 2005|09:17pm]
[ mood | hyperxmadxsad :<< ]


omg XDDD i've had that song stuck in my had for a week!! it's really funny though<3 and cute. i showed it to my mom and she was like .___. are you the old man's head that's bobbing up and down. and i'm like .......
sure :D?

so the anime convention was pretty cool n___n it was so SMALL though. XDDDD;...and they had this thing similar to DDR except you had to pres some of the arrows with your hands..because you don't have three legs (i hope not.) so i had this stupid partner who thought he was all that (i think he was gay D: but he had a girlfriend..hmm) and i did 8-step which i really can't do but somehow i did and he did like 5 or 6 step andddd yeaah. these people were watching and they clapped for me n___n!!<3 i felt so loved. and this lady was like HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED. and every time i go to fry's that question is asked to me .___. so i was like. um. a year? XDDD YEAH. i had to tell somebody ; ; about my happiness. sorry if it sounds really snobby and braggyy >_>
and at the con i dressed up as ritsukaaa n___n yellowjacket+kittyshirt+jeans XDD and kitty ears. and bandaids. i didn't really look like him +_+ but i guess it worked. i should take pictures before i get a perm D: stupidpermsitdoesn'tevenlookgoodonmeidontknowhymymomlikedit.
sooo for halloween it was super fun<3 i went trickortreating like a kid 8DD;...i had to dress up as a kitty because my mom said my skirt was too short and i'd freeze my butt off +____+ so i wore the kitty thing and. leggings. no. tight+me=ew. XDDDDDD
and i think i saw my friend's friend dad at one of the houses and he was like o.o;.....
and this lady gave me ONE MINI CANDY. XDDDDDDD i was like. gee. thanks for your generous offer<3 not to sound greedy or anything but that's kinda mean =_=
so she yelled at me. and forgave me. and then yelled some more.

no fun.

ahahah and i wrote and 3 times in a row o.o
sooo<3 ummmm...XDDDD i wrote a lot i think.
*borebore* =___= sorry if it's like crazy hyper boring. if you ever read :DDD
hope everyone had a good halloween<3

thank god for 3 day weeks.

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*sighh* [24 Oct 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

is it normal to be lovesick at my age ;-;? or am i just retarded.
argh..my heart hurts so bad it's affecting everything i do ; ;! sometimes i feel like dying.
i hope everything gets better tomorrow o.o; if it doesn't i seriously will die.
it's been hurting since friday u_u;. no fair.
i hate this.

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kyaan yesss<3 [23 Oct 2005|12:45am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

okay. so. next weekend is the anime-con!!! :d omg i can't wait. *shakashaka*
and yeah. today we went to the fashion show mall and bellagio and the new wynn resort :D! so pretty >___< but the wynn reminds me a lot of bellagio (it's by the same ..guy) and yeah. and i saw these leggings i wanted at chanel but my mom said no because it would be too expensive ;_____;.
so i must find a way to make some money myself -3-;

i mean. uh. 8D *fakesmile*

so yeah. anddd i read neon genesis evangelion today (vol. 1-8) because i saw the previews on adult swim and i was like :DD!!!<3 so cool. and i remember reading it when i was little (although i didn't understand a word it was talking about) so i ended up reading for 4 hours straight and my whole back and..below hurts real bad =_= cuz we were sitting on wooden chairs. that hurt. like heck.
and i cried so many times ;_____;! especialy when his angry friend that talks like dis and likes skoits died when his eva got possessed by an angel or something like that ;___;
and when kaji died i was really sad too u_u; and asuka langly makes me mad. i feel like strangling her everytime i see her.

heehee<3 and i have ready steady go on repeat in my head. <3 *rabu*
yeah...u_u; but i had a really bad week. so it's nice being crzy all of a sudden.
and during violin practice sara had to scream 3x on this one piece...
sara: AAAAHHHHlahsljfkdshalfjkahds
*pause* me: omg what was that o___o
and then keegan starts laughing all of a sudden because i didn't realize that was sara until like later XDDDD;...
and i feel like ...i'm boring myself just reading this.

haha<3 bye. until next week ^-^!! I'll buy things for everyone at the anime-con :DDD if i can<3 n.n

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[09 Oct 2005|02:16pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

hehe<3 postyposty<3 *feelshyper*
how is it that i feel hyper when i do nothing but HOMEWORK. it's starting to drain a lot of my energy >:| that made no sense.
Yesterday i went to the renaissance festival with claire<3 omg XDD it was so weird and funny. There was like. these men actually dressed in white tights and jordan got flogged, watered, captured, and drawn on XDDD by these creepy people that had like painted-black skin with x's all over their body and face.
and those creepy men started chasing me because i didn't want to be written on. And then matt caught me and GAVE ME TO THEM so they wrote on me :<
grrr oh well XDD; claire was laughing her head off -_-; but they didn't chase her because she was like i'm scarier then you dood.

omg~ the anime convention here is on the 29th-31st!! 8DDD *can'twait* I wonder who i will cosplay :o..i don't have time to make one so i guess i'll have to buy one >__<

AND I WANT TO SEE ADVENT CHILDREN SO BAD ITS KILLING ME. i have a bad obsession with cloud.
no fairrr ;;; ruka<3 *envy*

and wtb why is my art major project PHOTOGRAPHY. this isn't photography class this is art class man D:
>__< first she hates me now she loves me? grrr, she makes me mad.

banana pocky is good ;-;<3

bye everyone 8D until next week hahahaha. ^-^V

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^-^!!! 13birthday=yes. [13 Sep 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

tomorrow's my birthdaayyyy<3!!
i turn 13! <3 n_n

oh yes.

;-; hn~ i want to take pictures. but. i don't have any pretty clothes ._.
so i'll save that for later.

and i cant' wait until we go to meghan's house place ;-;~ the pictures of it look so pretty :o!!
edible bamboo floor.
it doesn't get better then that XDDD; (i know you can't eat it...)

ungh. today was a minimum day :o! I was liek. the only one in a skirt e_e...
and boho pants are weird. liek those weird brown flabby loose pants.
scarryyy man ;;
and my art teacher hates me. We're doing this project where we only get 3 color pencils (magenta, cyan, and yellow) and we have to cut out a 4x4 picture and REPLICATE IT. So im looking through magazines and 40 minutes later i still can't find one ._. ...so she finds me a picture and it's the HARDEST THING ever. It's a picture of this spiky coral and stuff xD;...
and so when i asked her if this other picture was okay, before she gave me the spiky coral picture she's like...".....OKAY. but. it's going to be hard." and it was only a picture of colored papy and paper masks E_E.
but i'll learn to like her i guess.

and my school orchestra teacher made claire play viola XDD
small kid + viola = cute. :]

<3 i hope my birthday will be okay ;;;
and the audition tomorrow for seating in youth orchestra e____e. The song is so hard. *fumbles*

baiii<3 n_n

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yess<3 [10 Sep 2005|01:22am]
[ mood | happy ]

oh yes! XD i finished my LJ layout, after many hours = 3=;
I'm pretty happy with it though, because it's an cafe<3 bouuuu ;w;<3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUKA!!! <33 *huggleandgivespresents* WHAT WOULD RUKA LIKES 8D?!!!

Tomorrow I have to go to me and my friend and my friend's cousin's birthday party XDDD! We're doing it at circus circus, which is like, this hugggee pink amusement park dome thingey. It's really cool ^-^! And we get to go to gameworks too<3 which is like. this game place. but i heard that the games break down a lot o___o;

she cant ;w; or else mira will be scared for the rest of her life.
seriously. ;;; *hides*

Heehee<3 and I was reading FMA today, and there was this little comic strip in the back about Al trying to get skinnier~ and he was like "Anything is possible if you put your heart to it!!" X3<3 and then he really lost weight XDDD skinny armor.
i thought it was so cute though ;-;

i wish they wouldn't show naruto on cartoon netork u_u;...
i heard that they're not showing it on adult swim because then adult swim will get all the fame and popularity. OMG. that's just not right ;;.

Today P.E. was fun ^3^!We played capture the cone~ I was so tired >__<!And I made friends with this 7th grader who use to go to my school 8D...
and like. the blue team had these three people TACKLE me. 8D but they didn't get my flags (which are these...things that arestuck to your waist on this white belt thingey o_o)
i was pretty happy n_n!

iyaa~ i hope everyone also had a good week/going to have a good weekend too<3 ^o^

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wai<3! [08 Sep 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

iya~ I'm so tired =3=。。。

8D So, on labor day weekend we went to san francisco<3! It was so pretty and cold XD;..
I wanted to go to Japantown but we couldn't, because we went on this korean tour thingey with my lonely grandpa ... ;o;

And i've been pretty busy with homework and all that stuff. I've had essays assigned to me every other class and i can hardly maintain an A in any class ;o;...

Also<3 new layout (halfway, at least..) and icon! ^-^ タルタルがかわいいですね<3
I still need to find/make a picture for the background..and i want to make a different icon ;3;。。because the tarutaru one i did was sort of half-heartedly done XD;..

AND!!! My birthday is nextwednesday! ^O^
I probably won't post till then XD

egads x__x wifey is so cute with her hair.
*stealglomp* ^3^

and i want this dollfie ;o;:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
it reminds me of inuyasha x sesshomaru. *playswithears*

:x ba-i ba-i<3 *huggleseveryone*

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